Industrial heat pumps

Large heat pumps play a critical role in achieving the European climate targets. They use waste heat to ef ficiently generate usable heating and cooling, thereby massively reducing CO2 emissions. APL has been sup plying high-quality components for large heat pumps for more than two decades. One outstanding example is the supply of heat exchanger components for the world‘s largest CO2 seawater heat pump. The system supplies approx. 50,000 households with thermal ener gy and saves up to 160,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.


Hydrogen plants play a decisive role in the generation of clean energy. Hydrogen replaces fossil fuels and this con tributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, both in indust rial processes and in the transport sector. APL has already been a reliable partner in the realization of pioneering hydrogen projects on several occasions. Our components are used along the entire value chain, from production and storage to the efficient distribution of hydrogen. We always supply state-of-the-art technology that meets the requirements of our customers.

Carbon Capture & Storage

The capture and storage of CO2 , abbreviated to CCS, is considered a crucial technology on the path to achieving climate neutrality. APL has the necessary engineering expertise and experience to design and manufacture the heat exchangers required for CCS plants. By using APL components in such plants, CO2 can be trapped, sustainably stored and rather than being released into the atmosphere.

Circular economy

The circular economy avoids waste and conserves re sources. The aim is to extend the life cycle of products and to keep them in circulation for as long as possible. APL is a pioneer in the development of future-orienta ted solutions. One outstanding example is our involve ment in a project in which plastic waste is converted back into synthetic crude oil. The heat exchangers and pressure vessels supplied by APL for this process con tribute to an impressive reduction in CO2 emissions.