Energy and environmental technology

The responsible care for the environment and the availability of energy resources are increasingly taking centre stage.  We are planning for this, and exceed your requirements in respect to heat exchange in the fields of energy and heating, and of power stations and environmental technology.

We will already go through the early planning phases of your project with you. Our experienced engineers will develop in partnership with you a customised solution for your energy facility.

We will support you with the planning, design, construction, finishing and delivery of customised heat exchangers for conventional power stations, biomass and refuse power stations, HEP-, solar- and geothermal power stations, industrial and nuclear power stations.



•    Steam Condenser
•    Steam Boiler
•    Low- and high-pressure Pre-Heaters
•    Heating and Refrigeration Systems
•    Oil Coolers (heat-transfer oil, bearing oil, lubricant oil)
•    Air- and Exhaust-Coolers 
     (compressed air, generator air, exhaust, smoke gas
•    Rectangular Heat Exchangers

      – with plain tubes
      – with finned tubes
•    Steam and Gas Pre-Heaters
•    Air Pre-Heaters